League General Information

What Course Is Right For Me?

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Madison Chapter wants your experiences in golf and with our chapter to be positive!  To help you get started, we have defined the levels of play and provided insight on the courses we play to help guide course selection. Compliment this with discussions with other LPGA Amateur Golf Association members, friends and your own experiences in your selection!

When moving from Beginner or Beginner/Intermediate to courses rated intermediate or advanced, DO NOT be intimidated! Assuming you've learned one of the key lessons of Golf League play - KEEPING PACE (with the group ahead of you) and you PICKING UP YOUR BALL after 10 shots (or when you're starting to fall behind the group ahead of you), you ARE ready for most any course.

Commentary for each course is based on opinions of LPGA Amateur Golf Association members. The below courses are listed in order of lowest probability of losing balls to highest. Thus, a LOW probability of losing balls might be good choices for a next level course!

Levels of Play--Which League Level am I?

  • Fairly new to golf 
  • Shorter courses played--par 3 and par 4.
  • Driver not usually needed.


  • Use and knowledge of all clubs and basic etiquette.
  • Longer courses played.
  • Handicaps should be used.


  • Knowledgeable golfer.
  • Established handicap.

Beginner/Development Leagues

Vitense Golfland    

This league begins with specialized instruction and ends with league play. Vitense offers a nine-hole par 3 course to hone your skills or get you back into the game. Vitense is located along the beltline and is a convenient and comfortable course for any beginner or player is returning to the game after a long absence.

Probabiliity of Losing balls LOW

Door Creek Executive Course

Door Creek also begins with specialized instruction and ends with on the course play.  The Executive Course winds through natural wetlands, native trees, and rolling hills. Our members enjoy the quality of the instruction and the course. Door Creek is located in Cottage Grove.

Probability of losing balls LOW/MEDIUM

Intermediate to Advanced Leagues

Glenway  Intermediate

This course is a great follow-up to development leagues such as Vitense or Door Creek's executive course.  Beautiful, wooded course, but with fairways that are not too long.  No water to worry about, and most likely, a bad miss hit will land on another fairway (easier finding balls!).  A perennial fall league favorite for golfers of all abilities! Relaxing and fun course to play!

Probability of losing balls  LOW


Odana will keep any golfer challenged, but not overwhelmed. Great opportunities to work on second or 3 shot ball location placement, as well as a hole tempting direct shot fly over - if you are brave! Greens provide opportunities to learn to read them properly!

Probability of losing balls - LOW

Intermediate/ Advanced

A popular 18 hole course, centrally located, for golfers pressed for time after work.  Plenty of challenges here avoiding marshes and sand, but loaded with opportunity to begin to think about shot selection, location and short approach game.

Probability of losing balls   MEDIUM

Pleasant View        

League play rotates between the three different nine hole layouts that offer sand traps, water, hills, woods, marsh, and great views. This course has it all, but it is not too overwhelming.  Plus, if you walk it, a great workout!

Probability of losing balls   MEDIUM

Rotating League      Intermediate/Advanced

We play 14 different courses over our season, many of them quite challenging (for example, Trappers Turn and Wild Rock, others not so much). Playing at courses’ recommend pace of play is imperative. 

Probability of losing balls: MEDIUM to HIGH

The Meadows of Six Mile          Intermediate/Advanced

Tighter fairways, often lined by marsh, water, deep rough, and sand traps, make for great excitement (did anyone see where my ball went?). EWGA'ers are often treated to sandhill cranes and red fox at most every dog leg that dares one to cheat by going over obstacles or cutting the corner.

Probability of losing balls   HIGH


University Ridge    Advanced

Beautiful, mature woods on the back nine with tight, challenging Scottish style links on the front.  This course presents every challenge a golfer could want!

Probability of losing balls   HIGH