Rotating Location League - Monday

Please note you must be a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association to register for leagues. To become a member, please visit  

For those of our Ladies that are able to plan ahead to be free on a beautiful weekday afternoon to golf 18 holes with each other, the 
LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Madison Chapter
offers the Monday Rotating League!

For you, this is a NO FEE League with play at all different courses in the area! Green fees are PAYABLE to the COURSES we are playing on that day but, you MUST sign up for this League BOTH  on our Chapter website and then one more time for each course you  want to play via Doodle!! Instructions for Doodle will be emailed before May 1. Play one or play all of our dates & locations!

We will be playing every Monday (except holiday weekend Mondays) during the summer season (May to August) starting at 1:00 (unless otherwise noted). That makes FOURTEEN opportunities for playing golf together in Rotating League. A typical 1:00 Start will (hopefully) give you a 1/2 day to work or (?) beforehand! Following is this year’s exciting list of courses we will be playing, though courses have not yet confirmed in most cases (too early).

Play will be for 18 holes, though you can always drop out after nine. Emphasis on drive times of 30-40 minutes or less with one or two exciting exceptions to that! ;-)

  • Rotating League tries hard to make use of Bucky coupons, negotiate special EWGA prices & look for specials to keep green fee costs down
  • Rain/bad weather cancellations will not be made up
  • You MUST sign up on Doodle – it is FREE and easy to use. The link for Doodle along with simple instructions will be sent after you register on the EWGA website, and by May 1. All communications during League Play will be via Doodle.

Looking forward to seeing you all out the Links!!

Cheers! Steph 
(608) 217-2569

Rotating League Locations for 2019


Rotating Location League - Registration Link