League Sublist FAQ

Q: What is the LPGA Amateurs Madison League SubList?

Substitute players offer a way to fill an otherwise empty spot and reimburse a League member when she is unable to play. It also also provides golfing opportunities for women who cannot commit to regular League play. The LPGA Amateurs Madison League SubList uses a message board facility that enables League Players to easily connect with everyone who has registered for the League SubList. When a League Player posts a Request for a Sub, everyone who has registered for the particular League’s SubList will automatically get notified via email.

Here is an example of a Sub Request email message:

sub list example 1

Type the message of your e-mail and click the Send button. It's a good idea to include the date, place (many people are on more than one sub list) and your tee time. You should indicate if you would like to be reimbursed for the greens fee. Some people do, some don't.

To answer a sub request, you can reply directly to the email by selecting either the reply to group or reply to sender buttons (click on carrot in the upper right corner to view other options) in the upper right corner of the message.

By selecting Reply to Group, your response will be posted on the League SubList message board for all to view. You can also send a private email to the sender by selecting Reply to Sender.

Q. What are my responsibilities as a Sub?

  1. Respond to the Sub Request with your desire to fill the spot.
  2. Once a Sub commits to a League player, she is responsible for making arrangements to reimburse that League Player for greens fees or make a donation to the EWGA Madison Charity for the year, Celebrate Smiles, if requested

Q: How do I register for the League Sublist?

From the lpgaamateursmadison.com home page, select the Leagues Sublist menu item and find the league that you are interested in joining the sublist for - in the example below, you see the website version on getting to the University Ridge League Sublist. 

Computer Browser example:

Click the button that says "Join Sublist" in blue . If you are already registered on the list, you would see a green button that says "Request a sub"(as below). To register, simply provide your email address and indicate how often you want to get notified when someone posts a new message to the message board. We recommend that you register for Realtime updates if you are a potential Sub. With Realtime updates, you will get an email every time someone submits a request for a Sub.

Mobile Device Example: You need to scroll to the bottom of the league page to view

You must be a member of the LPGA Amateurs Madison Chapter to sign up for the SubList. If you are not already logged in to the LPGA Amateurs website as a member, you will automatically be taken to the log in screen and must first enter your LPGA Amateurs user name and password before you can register for the SubList.

Q: I am a regular player in a League. Do I need to register for the League SubList?

If you want to Request a Sub any time during the season, you must register for the LPGA Amateurs League SubList message board. The League SubList is the mechanism by which you can broadcast a message to all substitute players to find someone to take your place when you are unable to play. If you do not want to receive an email every time someone submits a Sub Request, you can elect to register with the No Email option.

If you have not yet registered and click the < button > button from the web page, you will automatically be taken to registration screen and must join the Sublist community before you can submit your Sub Request.

Q: I need a Sub for my league spot. How do I post a Sub request message?

Select the Leagues SubList menu item from the lpgaamateursmadison.com home page, scroll down to the Latest Sub Requests. Click on < button > , then compose your message with the details. When done, click Send to post your request to the message board. Everyone who has registered for the SubList will receive an email from you containing your post and they can either respond directly to you or post a response back to the message board. It is recommended that you include the name of the League, the day and date in the Subject of your email. These will appear in the Latest Sub Requests list, making it easy for substitute players to see what spots are available.

Q: Can I send a request to a specific player?

Yes. From the Leagues SubList page, scroll down to the Current Members section. Find the person who you want to send the message to, then click on their picture to bring up their profile. Select Send Message to compose your message with the details. When finished, click Send to send your request to that person.

Q: I requested a Sub via the message board. Is there a way for me to easily see all of the responses?

Yes. From the Leagues SubList page, scroll down to the Latest Sub Requests, to find your message and see how many people have responded. Click on the message title to view all of the responses to your message. You can also click the View Thread link associated with your post in the SubList Request email.

Q: How do I view all Sub Requests that have been posted?

Select the Leagues SubList menu item from the lpgaamateursmadison.com home page, scroll down to view the Latest Sub Requests. You can view the posts from the most recent week, or view all of the latest posts by clicking on View More Post. Click the Subject link associated with any post to view the details associated with the request. You can sort the list by Subject, Number of Replies or by Last Post.

Q: How do I respond to a Sub Request message?

The Sub Request email you receive contains links that allow you to respond either by posting back to the message board, or by sending a private message to the sender. If you can't find the email, you can go directly to the League SubList Message Board and respond from there. Go to the Leagues SubList page from the lpgaamateursmadison.com home page, scroll down to the Sublist Latest Discussions. Click View More Posts to go to the SubList Message Board.

Q: I am getting too many emails for Sub Requests. How do I opt out of the emails?

Click the < settings > button on the title bar of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Madison League Sublist web page to bring up the Settings page. You will see a button that displays your current Email Notifications setting. To stop receiving emails for each Sub Request posted to the message board, click the button and select No email. You can change your Email Notification settings at any time.

Q: If I opt out of email notifications, is there any way that I can find out if anyone needs a Sub?

You can always go to the Leagues Sublist web page and view the Sub Request messages that have been submitted.

Q: Can I send a private response directly to the Sender?

Yes. From the message in the Latest Sub Request message board, or from the email itself, click Reply to Sender. Your response will go directly to the sender and will not be posted in the message board.

Q: More questions or any suggestions for the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Madison League SubList?

For questions about Leagues or the SubList policy, contact the LPGA Amateurs Madison League Chair at leagues@lpgaamateursmadison.com. For questions/suggestions/issues with the SubList Message Board, send an email to chaptercommunications@lpgaamateursmadison.com